play centered programs

The San Geronimo Childcare Center offers 3 play-centered programs designed to meet the developmental needs of young children in a home-like setting. Daily activities include: circle, art, indoor and outdoor creative play, snack time, story time, lunch, and rest time in the afternoon. We are open 7am-6pm and offer before and after care for each program.

*Toddlers (Chickadees) 18 months-3 year olds

Time: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Toddlers come to know their world through their active bodies and senses. We offer a program that is nurturing and fun filled, focusing on key developmental milestones such as language acquisition, social and emotional growth, self-help skills and fine/gross motor development.  Comfortable routines and appropriate materials give toddlers safe ways to explore and think and talk about what they are doing.  Nutritious snacks are included. Children bring their own lunch.

* We support children through the potty training process, including those still in Diapers. 

*Preschool (Bluebirds) 3-4 year olds

Time: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

No longer a toddler, the three-year-old is ready to be part of an active learning community.  Your child takes pride in learning and mastering new things. Bluebirds gain abilities and self-confidence through physical activities, cooperative discoveries, and expressive and receptive language.  The program is rich with art, music, stories, dramatic play, outside play and natural science.  Raising silkworms is always a favorite.  The emphasis is on process not product and honoring all children’s feelings and abilities. Nutritious snacks are included. Children bring their own lunch.

*Pre-K(Redbirds) 4-5 year olds

               Time 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

An intimate Pre-K program that combines free play and teacher-led activities for Kindergarten readiness with an emphasis on social skills, problem solving and emotional literacy. "Making friends” and “getting along with others” is the key to each child having a successful experience. Our classroom and play yard environment are rich in nature, love of books and early writing, science, math readiness, music and expressive language. We strive to encourage independence and honor the uniqueness of each child.  These are the areas of development that we work on: Social Emotional, Cognitive/Science/Math, Language, and Motor Skills.  Nutritious snacks are included.  Children bring their own lunch.

*Transition to the next age group is determined by your child's level of development.
**In providing nutritious snacks, we are sensitive to food allergies/preferences.